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Write out Russian numbers: translator

How to write out number in English or Russian language? With help of this online tool you can write any number in words for both these languages. It will be useful if you are studying one of these languages, in this case you can use the translation for self-testing.

Now the translator has following limitations:

  • length of integer part should be 18 digits or less
  • length of fractional part should be 18 digits or less


English numbers translation:

As you can see above, the translator provides some english variants for every translated number (if it is possible). It can be 1 or 2 variants for British English and 1-2 for American English (if these forms have any difference in writing). For your comfort they marked with national flags, so you can easy choose the most suitable form.

Russian numbers translation:

This automatic translator can also write the number in Russian language. Russian numbers have more difficult form, because they depend on related object. For example:

(feminine gender): 'one country' - 'одна страна'
(masculine gender): 'one language' - 'один язык'
(neuter gender): 'one word' - 'одно слово'

... i.e. each icon from the result table means a gender relating to this form of number.

PS: If you found any mistake in the translation or text, please, write us ( or feedback form above) and we will fix it as soon as possible.

PSS: Our numbers translator is unique tool, because all other translators (such as Google Translator, Yahoo! Babel Fish and other) can not do similar translation even for English language. So remember this link...